Building Process



With over 29 years in the construction business, BryCyn Homes has the building process well refined. BryCyn Homes provides a detailed schedule of when you can expect each phase of your home’s construction to be completed, including scheduled walk throughs and approvals. Here are the steps you can anticipate during your custom home building process.


Choosing where to build your new home is one of the most important decisions to make in the custom home building process. The location of your new home affects its ongoing value, property tax rates, and accessibility to the amenities that are important to you now and in the future. There are many Comox Valley real estate agents who can help you choose the right neighbourhood, the right lot, and ensure that the property zoning matches your long term plans


The next step in the custom home building process is selecting a floor plan. BryCyn Homes has hundreds of floor plans to choose from. We spend time getting to know you so that we can customize a floor plan that fits your lifestyle perfectly. For those who love to entertain, the priorities might be a grand entrance, bright welcoming rooms, and a highly functional kitchen. For others, it might be more important to have a space designated to particular hobbies and interests or include an in-law suite. Maybe relaxation is key and the luxurious master suite, wrap around decks, and accessibility are most important. Whatever features are important to you, are important to us.


By asking the right questions, our experience as a builder will lead you to the answers that work for you. Once you’ve decided on the exact location and floor plan, and the elevations are confirmed, the next step in your home building process is ensuring that all the regulatory requirements of zoning or lot clearing are met. We then provide a site plan to show the location of your house on the property so that you can view the concept.


Now it’s time to truly customize your home with your preferences of colour, style, fixtures, and trim. Some clients find it helpful to look online for ideas and to help them narrow down their preferences. As a well-established Comox Valley custom home builder, we offer a wide variety of customizing options for both the interior and exterior areas of your home. These choices affect the uniqueness of your home as well as the cost and we’re able to make recommendations that can appeal to your taste or budget. You’ll be selecting samples of various woods, carpet, counter tops and plumbing fixtures, as well as window styles, siding and roofing.


Once we know the details of what you’re looking for, BryCyn Homes will be able to give you a quote on costs and will draw up a building contract. If it’s agreeable to you, both parties sign the contract and we begin the work to build your new home.


Once the contract is signed, BryCyn Homes will work with the appropriate local Comox Valley municipal and regional district authorities to secure a building permit for your property. As a reputable Comox Valley builder, this is usually a smooth process, and a time-saving reward for taking the time to thoroughly plan. Once the permit is issued, the construction can begin.


At this time the site is cleared and graded in order to make room for the building process and ensure favorable drainage. A hole is excavated for the footings and foundation and a local building inspector will need to be asked to inspect the progress of the building at various key stages of construction. As this stage influences, the long term integrity of your home a mandatory inspection ensures they meet industry standards before continuing with the building process.

Click here to learn more about our excavation practices.


The framing stage is when your new home begins to take shape. The roof goes on and doors and windows are installed, the trusses and roofing material are put in place. Various sub-trades will also apply their certified expertise to the building of your new home. As an experienced Comox Valley builder, BryCyn Homes has built great relationships with electricians, plumbers, and heating experts and will ensure that your new home will have access to the services you’ll need. The exterior details protect your home from the outdoor elements. The BryCyn Homes design you choose may include different combinations of wood, brick or stone with the various styles of siding. This now brings the building to the “lock up” stage.


These are the steps in the process where the personal tastes of your new home are really expressed. The floor plan comes to life as hallways now lead to rooms, accentuated by all of the details you’ve chosen. Your choices of flooring, lighting, paint colours and trim all come together to express your individual taste and lifestyle.


This step is a very important one. Landscaping helps create the welcoming feel for your home and complements the exterior of your home to make a beautiful first impression. BryCyn Homes will do a complete lot grading and exterior clean up, and if landscaping was included in the building contract, it will be completed at this time, according to the specifications of your contract.


As required, the building inspector will do a final inspection and grant the building an occupancy permit. We will take care of the final step in the custom home building process. BryCyn Homes will clean the entire interior of the house in preparation of your own inspection, which will take place as you have the final walk through and orientation. You’ll receive a new home manual as a handy reference guide for the future maintenance of your new home. This is also an opportunity for you to note anything that needs to be addressed before you close your contract.

Congratulations! Your new home is ready for occupancy, and a closing contract is signed. Our customer service continues beyond the date of your home possession. As a new home owner, your home is protected by a new home warranty to ensure you are completely satisfied with your investment.