Development Process

BryCyn Homes builds more than houses. We build homes, neighborhoods, and communities. From full scale apartment complexes and condominium projects to the development of several subdivisions, we take pride in our ability to envision the big picture without losing sight of the details. 


BryCyn Homes is experienced and knowledgeable in both the municipal requirements and the environmental implications associated with land clearing and Comox Valley property development. Making arrangements for the necessary permits for lawful debris disposal, BryCyn Homes can provide any equipment to do the job, and make recommendations on the use or resale of any timber on the property. We provide excavation services and land fill to fully prepare multiple building sites.

Layout and Services

BryCyn Homes works with professional engineers to survey properties and design a subdivision layout for your Comox Valley property development. This detailed blueprint shows the placement of all services including electrical, water, sewer, gas, and storm drainage. This layout also details the access points for each property as well as the location of roads, their width, and any required road allowances, where the sidewalks will be, or the location of hydro boxes and community mailboxes. Once our crews have all of the underground pipes in place, the roads are prepared for paving, carefully maintaining the boundaries of each property.

Pavement and Sidewalks

This stage includes paving all of the new roads, as well as building curbs and sidewalks. The type of pavement or block pavement used may depend on the area size, the traffic flow, and the visual appeal desired.

Final Details

At the end of the development process streetlights, mailboxes and other ornamental lighting and accessories are installed in the subdivision.  

If you have questions regarding Comox Valley property development, contact Comox Valley home builder BryCyn Homes to learn more about the development services we provide to clients in the Comox Valley and other locations on Vancouver Island.

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